I actually like my job but given the current market I want to stay marketable without interviewing for other jobs.  What can I do?

Even if you are completely satisfied with your job today, you still need career planning.  Career planning does not mean looking for other jobs.  Career planning means maximizing your current job and setting the foundation to springboard into better opportunities both externally and internally.   Proactive career planners develop and grow their skills, network, and personal foundation. 

Increase your added value.  Know what specifically you add to your employer’s bottom line, and add more.  This means developing and adding skills, tackling challenging assignments, and increasing productivity.  Companies invest in R&D to innovate and create new products.  Include personal R&D in your career plan.

Maintain visibility.  It doesn’t help to do a great job if nobody knows about it.  Know the decision-makers of project assignments, promotions, raises and bonuses.  Know what projects are important to these decision-makers.  Get on these projects, and let these key people know what you are contributing.  Companies actively market their products; they do not assume customers will just know how great they are.  Include personal marketing in your career plan.

Strengthen your foundation.  You may love your job, but you should not need it.  Confidence attracts.  Desperation repels.  You may need a job, but you shouldn’t need this job if you have: 

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