Companies collect and store huge amounts of data from their customers and users, which means professionals who design and manage their databases are in demand. If you’re good with numbers and have great attention to detail, you might want to know how to get a job in SQL development.

SQL is one of the most popular programming languages used in the tech industry and beyond. This article covers how to get a job in SQL development, the highest-paying SQL development jobs, and the key skills required to pursue a career in this field. 

What Is SQL Development?

SQL development uses the programming language known as Structured Query Language (SQL) to create SQL databases. Professionals in this field are called SQL developers. An SQL developer writes queries for database systems using SQL and codes the application interface for users. 

The major responsibilities of an SQL developer are usually to create, update, and manage an SQL database in support of company goals. SQL developers also work closely with data analysts and computer programmers. Usually, tech experts in the field like web development and computer programmers are expected to be knowledgeable in SQL. 

SQL Development Job Outlook

The job outlook for SQL developers is included in the job outlook for database administrators and architects. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected eight percent growth rate from 2020 to 2030 for database administrators and architects. There are expected to be an estimated 13,200 job openings for these professionals annually. 

What Education Do I Need to Become a SQL Developer?

Most SQL developers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or any related field. However, an associate degree in any of the above courses would also be sufficient for an entry-level SQL developer role. 

Can I Get a SQL Development Job Without a Degree?

Yes, you can get an SQL development job without a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree. A degree is not required to become an SQL developer, though it is desirable. A degree in computer science, engineering, computer programming, or any other related field tells your potential clients that you are grounded with the basics.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Job in SQL Development?

Yes, a bootcamp can help you get a SQL development job. Bootcamps offer intensive, career-focused courses that allow you to get started quickly in the industry and start earning as a SQL developer. SQL development bootcamps take less time to complete and are more affordable than four-year degrees. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Job in SQL Development?

It takes three months to five years to get a job in SQL development. The timeframe to get a job in SQL development is not static but it will likely take more time for entry-level candidates because they will need to acquire education and industry experience. The educational pathway you choose will also determine how fast you will get SQL development jobs. 

Common SQL Development Education Paths

The common education paths for SQL development are not entirely different from how to get into other tech jobs. No matter the formal education pathway you choose to become an SQL developer, a strong foundation in math and sciences will be helpful. 

SQL Development Bootcamps

SQL development bootcamps give you access to professional instructors with vast knowledge of this field. SQL development bootcamps structure their programs to suit your commitments. Top SQL development bootcamps provide a concentrated study of the subject with a focus on the essential skills to get you started in the field. Full-time and part-time courses are available. 

Community College

Some community colleges offer an Associate Degree in SQL Development. Most often, a SQL development program at a community college will take two years. However, to gain other SQL development skills you may need to further your education or obtain professional certification. 

SQL Development Degrees 

A bachelor’s degree in any computer-related field is the most common educational pathway to becoming a SQL developer. For an entry-level SQL developer, a bachelor’s degree provides more job opportunities. However, compared to bootcamps, or community colleges, it will take longer and cost more to follow this pathway as most bachelor’s degrees take up to four years to complete.

Key SQL Development Skills to List on Your Resume

When applying for developer jobs, it can be difficult to know how to write an effective resume if you don’t have much experience. Employers look for both soft skills and technical skills when hiring. Be sure to list your practical experience, strong communication skills, and critical thinking skills. Include the following SQL development skills on your resume to impress potential employers.

SQL Server

Your employer needs to know that you’re knowledgeable about various SQL servers. Usually, various companies use specific SQL servers to store and retrieve data. Learning how to interact with SQL servers like Microsoft will be an added advantage.

Database Management 

To grab the attention of your potential employers, this SQL development skill must be highlighted. Database management skills are a diverse area of IT skills that every SQL developer must have. 


The Transact-SQL is an advanced version of SQL. Advanced T-SQL development skills put you ahead of other candidates seeking the same position. This skill tells your employer that you can interface with other relational databases.

Where to Find SQL Development Jobs

A laptop, headphone, and smartphone on a desk. How to Get a Job in SQL Development
Writing queries, managing databases, and resolving bug issues are some of the daily tasks of SQL developers.

The high demand for SQL developers makes the job hunt a little less stressful. Despite the high demand for SQL developers, if you don’t know where to look, it might take longer to find a job. Check out the following tips on where to look for SQL developer jobs. 

Freelance Websites

SQL developers can find freelance, remote work by looking on online platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Working freelance allows you more freedom and flexibility than a regular office job. Also, some freelance IT websites can be a good place to hunt for full-time SQL development jobs.

Company Websites

Visit tech and IT companies’ websites and search for SQL development positions that are open. Even without an opening for SQL development, you can send an email to the company with your application and resume attached. The company may reach out when next they need an SQL developer.


Join popular SQL development forums to get notifications about job openings. Joining an IT forum would also be helpful. Try as much as you can to make your presence felt in the forums. Make contributions and also seek openings for SQL developer roles.

How to Prepare for Your SQL Development Interview

Preparing for an SQL development interview can be tough sometimes. SQL development is broad, and it could be difficult to predict what the likely questions will be. Nevertheless, some SQL development questions frequently occur during interviews. In other words, to effectively prepare for a SQL development interview, studying popular questions will be helpful.

SQL Development Interview Questions

  • What skills should an SQL developer possess?
  • Does SQL development have a subset? If it does, please describe it.
  • Explain Delete and Truncate statements
  • Describe joins in SQL development

The Five Highest-Paying SQL Development Jobs

SQL Development Jobs Average Salary Projected Growth
Computer and Information Systems Manager $151,150 11%
Software Developer $110,140 22%
Database Administrator $98,860 8%
Computer Programmer $89,190 -10%
Web Developer $77,200 13%

Computer and Informations Systems Manager

Salary: $151,150

Computer and information systems managers plan and coordinate computer-related projects in an organization. Professionals in this field ensure that the computer systems used within a company contribute effectively to reaching the business goals. 

Software Developer

Salary: $110,140

Software developers create computer and mobile applications. Also, they test existing software applications and identify problems. Writing code is not their main responsibility but they must be well versed in SQL and other programming languages.

Database Administrator

Salary: $98,860

Database administrators design and manage company databases. They are responsible for making sure the data is well organized and up-to-date. Furthermore, they use software programs to gather data and secure it.

Computer Programmer

Salary: $89,190

Computer programmers are responsible for writing and testing code that enable computer applications and software programs to work effectively. Computer programmers are also responsible for fixing bugs and mistakes in the code.

Web Developer

Salary: $77,200

Web developers build and maintain the functionality of websites. They focus on programming websites, web applications, and web pages with the client in mind. 

SQL Development Career Path

The career path of SQL developers progresses as their skills and knowledge of the field improve. No doubt, advanced SQL developers will earn more than entry-level candidates. Also, their responsibilities will differ.

Entry-Level SQL Development Jobs

  • Mobile Application Developer – Mobile application developers create and test mobile apps. This job is a great way to get work experience in the tech industry and get comfortable using SQL. 
  • Statistician – Statisticians use SQL for work with databases. SQL is becoming a requirement for jobs that require a lot of statistics. 
  • Junior SQL Developer – SQL developers’ primary duty is to review databases and provide feedback. Junior SQL developers report to senior staff members. 

Mid-Level SQL Development Jobs

  • Database Administrator – Database administrator uses various software tools to store and organize data. Similarly, SQL developers are also in charge of who accesses a database. Usually, they provide passwords and other security checks before users can gain access.
  • Software Developer – Software developers create applications and software. SQL is a common language used in software development. 
  • Web Developer – Most often some pages on the web page become irrelevant over time. Web developers remove empty pages and shrink the number of used pages that are irrelevant by using SQL.

Senior-Level SQL Development Jobs

  • Senior Full Stack Developer – Full stack developers work with the backend and the front end of a product or website. This requires senior full stack developers to have a wide range of skills, including SQL knowledge.
  • SQL Development Team Director – Senior-level SQL developers are required to lead a team of other developers to work on complex projects. However, the team may comprise other tech experts aside from SQL developers. To successfully lead an SQL squad, directors must be team players, too.
  • Database Architect – Database architects are responsible for designing and creating efficient databases. The databases must be secure but accessible to those who need to use them.

SQL Development Certification

Professional certification in SQL development can help prove your competence to potential clients or employers. There are numerous SQL certifications, but a few stand out. Check out a few SQL development certifications below to improve your query language skills.

Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification

With the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification, potential clients will know that you have hands-on experience with SQL queries. You need to pass the Oracle database exam to get certified. An excellent understanding of Oracle database PL makes you a sought-after SQL developer.

IBM Certified Database Associate

Completing the IBM Certified Database Associate Certification shows you have basic knowledge of SQL, management systems, and database creation. You have to pass one exam to get the IBM certification. The IBM certification enhances your problem-solving skills.

EDB PostgreSQL 12 Associate Certification

The PostgreSQL 12 associate certification tells your prospective clients that you have the fundamental skills to work on PostgreSQL servers. Also, like other SQL certifications you need to pass an exam. 

Tips on How to Get a Job in SQL Development

SQL development jobs are in high demand, but you will still need to make an effort to land your dream position. Below are some of the essential steps to getting a job as an SQL developer.

Improve Your SQL Development Skills

To become a better SQL developer, you need to seek other key skills that will boost your knowledge. The two main soft skills you need to work on are your communication and collaboration skills. 

Get Certified

Most jobs opening prefer SQL developers with application-specific certification. Certification is not a requirement to get into SQL development, but it will put you ahead of other candidates.

Pursue an Internship

An internship in SQL development will give you hands-on experience in this field. And some SQL development companies also pay their interns. No doubt, an internship in SQL development would be helpful for your resume.

Update Your Social Media 

Social media is a good platform to sell you SQL development skills. Let your followers know that you are knowledgeable in SQL development on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, or a personal blog. A few clients may reach out to you via your social media handles.

Send Out Job Applications

Send out your applications to companies that hire SQL developers. As you upgrade your skills, the possibility of getting an SQL development job will become more feasible. 

Should You Get a Job in SQL Development in 2022?

Yes, most data-oriented technologies use SQL interfaces. Knowledge of SQL is required in most tech fields like data analytics, web development, and computer programming. SQL developers have good career opportunities and a healthy job outlook according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The annual salary of SQL developers is also impressive.

SQL Development FAQ

Can you become a SQL Developer without a degree?

Yes, it is possible to become a SQL developer without a degree but you must either become certified or go through a bootcamp. SQL development bootcamp will give you a certificate, help with job preparation, and refer you to hiring companies.

Is it hard to find a SQL development job?

SQL is an important programming language that is useful in many IT fields, so it is not difficult to find a job with this skill. According to Statista, SQL is the third-most used language by developers around the world. However, it is easier to find SQL development jobs if you have other related skills within this field.

Is it better to learn SQL or MySQL?

For a start, learning SQL will help you understand other query languages. Therefore, it will be better to learn SQL before proceeding to MySQL. 

What skills should a SQL developer possess to get jobs constantly?

You need communication and good analytical skills to impress recruiters. However, technical skills like Oracle database, SQL server knowledge, and programming experience will put you ahead of other candidates. 

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