Medical Transcription is a career that is emerging as a big job provider for many. It is not a traditional job or a desk-bound 9 to 5 job. There are avenues by which transcriptionists can work from the confines of their homes, do part time jobs or freelance. It has lot of flexibility as far as working hours are concerned.

A medical transcriptionist is part of a health care team. Their knowledge of, physiology, anatomy, medical terminology and medical record make them important to any physician. These skills are in demand and also can allow someone to earn a lot of money. Transcriptionists are generally employed in hospitals, by physicians, in transcription service offices and other such places. Experienced medical transcriptionists progress to supervisory and managerial positions. They are also in a position to freelance from home and do editing, consulting or teaching in the various accredited schools. Some further educate themselves and train to become medical coders, medical records and health information technicians and administrators.

Job opportunities, in the coming years, are expected to rise for medical transcriptionists. Their employment is predicted to grow faster than the average for all occupations. It is expected that jobs for medical transcriptionists will increase to a high of 23% by 2012. The demand for transcription services will increase because of a growing aging population. Older age groups usually receive more medical diagnostic tests, treatments, and medicine trials that require recording. Thus, more transcriptionists will be needed to revise patient records, amend records from speech recognition systems, and recognize discrepancies in medical reports.

Medical transcriptionists earned $13.64 for an hour in 2004. The highest 10 percent earned $19.11. Average hourly earnings were $13.83. In the offices of physicians and in business support services, they were paid an average of $13.40, hourly.

Source by Damian Sofsian

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