Most common fear associated with a job interview is “fear of the unknown” as almost everything is unpredictable in the interview room.

Thankfully there is one set of interview questions, which is almost always there in every interview. And if you prepare their answers well in advance, you can focus your energy on dealing with other unpredictable things in an interview.

Now let’s check out what are these common job interview questions and the best way to answer them-

Most Common Job Interview Questions And Answers

Introduce yourself-

One of the most common job interview question. Almost every interview starts with this question. The question seems simple until you start answering this and discover how tough it is actually to talk about yourself.

If you fail to answer this question properly then chances are you are not going to clear the interview, as first, it will break your confidence and second it will be 10 times difficult to impress the interviewer after failing to answer this one.

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About your strengths/ positive traits/ qualities :

It is actually so easy to talk about your own strengths, and sometimes when asked for 3 strengths, you might feel that why 3, I can tell 10 strengths of mine.

But stop there, whatever strengths or traits you will say in this answer, the interviewer will be verifying them in the rest of your answer.

For example- Saying “Leadership” as a positive quality, then in the rest of the interview, not sharing even a single incident which displays leadership skills.

So talk about your actual strengths only and prepare to give examples of situations or instances where you have shown those strengths.

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About your weaknesses : 

That one is really difficult to answer, you do not wanna talk about your weaknesses but you can’t skip this one. So what to do.

Talk about weaknesses which will not affect your job role in any way and where chances of improvement are very high. Tell the interviewer what you are doing to overcome those weaknesses and how much you have improved so far.

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Reason for leaving the current job :

Of course, the interviewer wants to know what made you leave your last job. They will evaluate whether the reason was genuine or not. They also want to ensure that you are not someone who quit because of small reasons.

So a good answer to this question will not only assure the interviewer about your stability but it’s also is a good chance to impress the interviewer.

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Sample Answers

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years –

You might think why interviewer wants to know this, again purpose is to find out if whatever future plans you have, will the company be able to fulfill them or not. As this will further decide your stability.

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Why Our Company :

Why do you want to join our company? The most straightforward answer is: Because I need a job.

But this is not which you can say. So what should be your reply?

Interviewers do not want you to talk about great things about the company, they do not want to know how many details you know about the company.

They simply want to know if you have understood the role, work pattern or the fact that how much your profile is in alignment with the requirement.

So answer on those lines only.

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Why should we hire you :

Basically, with this question interviewer wants to evaluate your understanding of your strengths and how you are planning to utilize your strengths in the offered role or for the organization’s development.

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Do you have any questions for me :

If the interviewer asks you to ask some question then use this opportunity to get your queries solved. This is one good chance to leave a positive impression on the interviewer by asking some thoughtful questions.

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So these are the most common job interview questions. While answering them remember that your answers should be in sync and justify each other. It shouldn’t happen that you are saying one thing in one answer and a total contrast thing in another answer.

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