Are you thinking about starting a career in the petroleum industry? Maybe you already have experience and want to further your career. Offshore oil rig jobs may be a good place to gain necessary experience and build your career.

Offshore oil rig jobs are physically and mentally straining, but they build character and practical experience. If you are willing to take some risks, the wages are good and the job challenging. Oil rigs operate every day, all day long. Whether you are a roustabout, redneck or the offshore oil platform manager, your job is important to the overall performance and safety of the rig.

There are quite a few offshore oil rig jobs that can be found on every platform around the world. It may be instructive to quickly review 12 of the common jobs needed.

  1. Roustabouts — An entry-level job. Guide crane loads on deck. Keep decks clean.
  2. Painters — In charge of regularly painting the oil rig.
  3. Rig welders — Maintenance welding and metalwork construction
  4. Roughnecks — Helps the driller with the equipment and drilling work.
  5. Dereckman — Operates the mud pumps and mud pump room.
  6. Driller — Operates the drilling machinery.
  7. Cook — He cooks.
  8. Steward — Does the cleaning, laundry and helps out in the kitchen.
  9. Electrician — Maintains electrical equipment and lights.
  10. Electronic technicians — Handles and repairs electronic equipment.
  11. Tool pusher — An experienced driller working on the rig floor.
  12. Offshore installation manager — The man in charge of the offshore oil rig.

These are just 12 of the most common offshore oil rig jobs available. There are more that may be vacant at this very moment. After all, the petroleum industry is big and it is global.

Source by Daan Theron

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