Small businesses have taken a hit throughout the pandemic. From laying off employees, opening shortly before shut-down with quarantine, or simply the lack of funds to keep the business open. Going into 2022, here are some tips to improve small business success in the new year.

4 Trends that Will Reshape the Small Business Landscape in 2022 and Beyond

Knowing what trends to expect is a great place to start. These trends consist of bridging the physical/digital divide with hybrid scheduling, implementing messaging to customers, an increase of creativity, and more. Check it out!

Our Favorite Management Tips of 2021

Running a successful small business means having a strong management team, and process. Including providing critiques remotely to employees, improving efficiency, and even a two minutes exercise to start every day. Keep reading, here.

Before You Start a Small Business, You Must Take These Steps

You can never have too many tips when starting a new venture. Especially a small business during these unprecedented times. Here are seven steps to take before starting a small business such as ensuring awareness of risks, being content with starting small, knowing your goals, and more. Check out!

3 Tips for Starting a Small Business in 2022

“Yes, your startup can flourish in turbulent times–if you identify and use the right digital tools to drive success.” Steffen Schebesta  CEO and VP of Corporate Development at Sendinblue, a marketing platform for small businesses, shares his tips for the new year.



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  2. 4 Work Habits to Leave in 2021
  3. Setting Goals for 2022


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