If you want to pursue a career in information technology, an apprenticeship is an excellent way to break into the field. These training programs offer a chance to learn while you gather experience and develop technical skills in the field. Both small and large companies have apprenticeship programs in New York to help train the workforce of tomorrow. 

There are many apprenticeship programs in New York for different fields. However, this article will focus on tech apprenticeship programs in NYC. Read below to learn how to get an apprenticeship in New York, whether you want to become an IT manager, graphic designer, or data analyst.

The Best Apprenticeships in New York in 2022: Overview

A group of apprentices watching a training video at an apprenticeship program in New York.
Not every apprenticeship program in New York is the same. Research your program before applying.

The requirements for individual apprenticeships may differ in the state of New York. However, there are some common requirements. In some cases, people who want to take part in apprenticeships do not need to have experience in a particular field. Some general requirements are listed below.

  1. Residence in the United States with current authorization to work in the country.
  2. Strong English proficiency and understanding of the local language where necessary.
  3. Willingness to learn.
  4. Previous education in the field.
  5. Availability to dedicate at least 20 hours a week.

The Best New York Apprenticeships 2021

Apprenticeship Organization City Required Education
Data Analyst Google New York City High school diploma, GED equivalent, or practical experience
Graphic Designer REQ New York City Enrolled in a graphic design or visual communication degree program
Information Technology Specialist Google New York City High school diploma, less than a year of relevant experience
Junior Data Scientist IBM Armonk, New York Completion of an IBM pre-apprenticeship program preferred
Project Manager Google New York City High school diploma, less than a year of relevant experience
Software Engineer Asana New York City Only open to those without a related degree or prior experience in tech
System Support Specialist IBM Poughkeepsie, New York No educational requirements
UX Designer Google New York City High school diploma, less than a year of relevant experience
Web Developer Prodege Crown Heights, New York No educational requirements

The Best Apprenticeships in New York in 2022, Explained

New York is rich with opportunities for people who want to pursue career paths in tech. There are many IT apprenticeships for roles like quality assurance technician, graphic designer, and junior data scientist. Below we provide more details about the best tech apprenticeship programs in New York. 

Data Analyst | Google

Google offers a data analyst apprenticeship in NYC for tech enthusiasts who are not enrolled in a degree program in a related field. This is a 20-month program that provides learning and development opportunities. On top of real-world training, career workshops, and professional skill development, students complete the corresponding Google Career Certificate.

The schedule of a Google apprentice generally includes 40 hours per week of virtual lessons combined with hands-on projects with the Google team. In this role, you will use data to gain valuable insights that will drive business decisions, optimize media, and conduct custom analysis.  

Graphic Designer | REQ

This New York apprenticeship is for students who are pursuing a degree in graphic design, visual communication, or a related field. In this role, you’ll get a chance to work with art directors and designers to create website mockups, campaign pieces, and social media strategies. You will also work closely with copywriters to combine the visual and written elements of the marketing strategy.

The ideal candidate needs to have a good eye for detail and impressive organizational skills, along with a solid understanding of general design, typography, and color. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graphic designers earn $50,710 per year

Information Technology Specialist | Google

Google’s information technology apprenticeship in NYC lasts for 12 months and starts with a six-week bootcamp. The time after the bootcamp is split between technical instruction and on-the-job training at Google. 

This is one of the best New York State apprenticeship programs because it concludes with apprentices receiving an IT Support Certificate from Google. IT specialization is versatile, so you can get many different kinds of jobs after completing this apprenticeship.

Junior Data Scientist | IBM

IBM offers a junior data scientist apprenticeship in New York, NY. The apprentices work with the team to solve different business-related problems with data-driven techniques. The apprentice will master technologies and apply scientific methods to different business scenarios. They will help prepare and clean data for machine learning and statistical modeling. 

During this New York apprenticeship program, candidates work with experienced data scientists in a collaborative and interactive environment. They are also assigned mentors to guide them during the program. In the process, apprentices learn the fundamentals of data preparation, statistics, probability, linear algebra, machine learning models, and data modeling. 

Project Manager | Google 

Google also offers a project management apprenticeship in New York. Project managers are responsible for making sure that projects run smoothly in an organization. The program also lasts for 20 months and starts in the fall. 

It has three locations for eligible candidates and they include New York, Chicago, and Atlanta. Before the program ends, the apprentices will finish the Project Management Certificate from Google.

Software Engineer | Asana 

If you are looking for a software engineering apprenticeship in NYC, Asana is a great place to start. The company frequently updates its website with current apprenticeship openings, many of which are designed to help underrepresented communities enter the software engineering industry. 

All Asana apprentices get matched with a mentor to provide one-on-one coaching and feedback. At the end of the program, passionate and successful apprentices are considered for full-time positions. 

System Support Specialist | IBM

IBM also offers a system support apprenticeship for people in New York. System administrators function as the gatekeepers of the business systems that keep a company running. Apprentices in the program have a chance to offer high-value information technology services. They can also learn to use the company’s cutting-edge tech portfolio. 

The candidate’s work affects the daily productivity of the business and ensures the integrity of the data used in daily schedules. They also make it readily available where necessary. As a systems support apprentice, you will work under mentors and engineers. 

UX Designer | Google

Google offers UX apprenticeships in NYC to anyone passionate about design who has not yet enrolled in a related degree program. These apprentices are responsible for making physical and digital products easier to use. 

The UX design apprenticeship in New York lasts 20 months. Before the end of the program, the apprentices complete the UX Design Certificate from Google. To qualify, candidates need to be authorized to work in the United States. English proficiency is also required.

Web Developer | Prodege

Prodege offers a full-time web developer apprenticeship in New York aimed at hard-working people with limited experience in software development. The program consists of a mix of lectures and hands-on experience. While compensation begins at $20 per hour, your wage can increase as you pass critical milestones and show your competency. 

Apprentices slowly take on more development work as they progress through the program. While you do not need extensive experience, some background knowledge of coding principles is preferred.

New York Apprenticeship Program Requirements

The requirements for individual apprenticeships may differ depending on the company. However, there are some common requirements. Some major tech apprenticeships, like those offered by Google and IBM, require applicants to have minimal formal education in the field. Some general requirements are listed below.

  1. Residence in the United States with current authorization to work in the country.
  2. Strong English proficiency and understanding of the local language where necessary.
  3. Willingness to learn and a passion for technology.
  4. Familiarity with tech concepts.
  5. Availability to work full-time.

Steps to Land an Apprenticeship in New York

An apprentice being mentored by his mentor at a coding bootcamp.
Before applying to an apprenticeship, take the time to research each apprenticeship program in NYC to ensure it is the right fit.

Top apprenticeship programs can be very competitive with a high volume of applicants. If you are wondering how to get an apprenticeship in NYC, take a look at our step-by-step guidelines below. 

Step 1: Conduct Your Own Research 

There is a wide range of apprenticeship programs available, with some aimed at those with extensive experience and others aimed toward complete beginners. The first step is to get an idea of what programs might be a good fit for your educational and professional background. 

Once you have specific goals in mind, it will be easier to prepare your application. This can also help ensure that you don’t waste your time applying for apprenticeship programs that you don’t qualify for. 

Step 2: Gain the Required Skills

To get a tech apprenticeship in NYC, you will likely need at least some experience with the relevant tools for your field. Carefully read about the apprenticeship program you hope to apply to and make a note of its listed requirements. You can master new tech skills quickly through online courses or by enrolling in a coding bootcamp

Step 3: Build Your Portfolio 

Many tech apprenticeship programs in New York will want to see examples of your work while they evaluate your application. Your portfolio is the perfect opportunity to show off your new tech skills. For example, if you are applying for a UX design apprenticeship, you may want to display your Photoshop, Illustrator, or Adobe XD skills. 

Step 4: Prepare for Your Job Interview 

If everything goes well and the company likes your application, you will be asked to participate in a job interview. Apprenticeships aimed toward undergraduate or graduate students may have a technical component to evaluate your skills and knowledge of the field. 

Regardless of how technical the job interview is, you will need to show that you are passionate about learning and committed to succeeding in the program. Make sure you practice answering common job interview questions so you enter the interview feeling confident.

The Best Youth Apprenticeships in New York 

For all apprenticeships offered by CareerWise USA, eligible apprentices need to be enrolled in a New York public high school. CareerWise’s apprenticeship program is designed to help students gain transferable skills and debt-free college credit to ensure that they are prepared to succeed in a skilled trade. 

Most participants apply the summer before their junior year. For the next three years, they receive a mix of regular high school classroom instruction and on-the-job training. There are currently five IT CareerWise apprenticeship programs available. You can learn more about them below.

Cyber Security Support Technician | CareerWise New York

The cyber security support technician apprenticeship is perfect for detail-oriented students who enjoy preventing and solving problems. Students will work with cyber security tools and software to help identify, prevent, and solve potential security threats. 

A cyber security support technician has the opportunity to work alongside employees as they write security threat reports, troubleshoot security issues, and maintain company servers and firewalls. This provides all the experience and skills students need to land well-paying jobs in the security field. 

Database Administrator | CareerWise New York

CareerWise USA also offers a database administrator apprenticeship. The candidate will work with the technologies required to store data so it can be accessed easily. This data may include vendor or customer information. The apprentice will assist in maintaining, designing, backing up, and securing the database of an organization.

Ideal candidates need to know about database systems. They also need to be skilled in using software like Oracle, Salesforce, and MySQL. The apprentice should enjoy learning on their own and be interested in knowing how things work. They need to be committed to accuracy and enjoy having conversations around data. 

IT Support Technician | CareerWise New York

An IT support technician helps maintain the networks and computer systems within an organization. They provide client support to both external and internal customers. They handle technical issues for computer users, such as the installation and configuration of computer systems. 

Apprentices may also assist in diagnosing hardware or software problems or helping to solve technical issues. The role may also include explaining complex information to members of the team who have no IT knowledge. They also handle IT systems and infrastructure and assist with networks and servers.

Junior Coder | CareerWise New York 

CareerWise offers some of the best New York coding apprenticeship opportunities for high school students. The apprentice works under a software developer’s direction and takes part in the programming process by modifying established apps or implementing simple code. If you want to learn software development, this program is a great choice.

The apprentice may also take on the role of responding to client issues, which includes analyzing, investigating, solving, and debugging small issues. Apprentices may also work with the development team to build and complete projects as well as gather user needs for the development and management of software solutions.

Quality Assurance Technician | CareerWise New York

This apprentice is responsible for software product testing to check for issues or defects. Quality assurance technicians run tests on software products to ensure that they meet the quality standard of the organization. 

Candidates should be tech-savvy people who are interested in video games and robotics programming. Preferred candidates need to be able to know their way around new applications and pay attention to detail.

Is a New York Apprenticeship Worth It?

Yes, apprenticeship programs in New York are worth it if you want to gain experience that will allow you to enter the tech industry. Apprenticeships can provide extremely valuable on-the-job training, help you build a professional network, and provide you with a competitive resume.

In New York, the average hourly rate for an apprentice is $22.21, according to Indeed. This is 16 percent higher than the national average. If you already live in New York or are hoping to start a career there, a registered apprenticeship program is a great way to begin your journey. Many companies even retain apprentices, giving you a significant boost when it comes time to apply for a full-time job.

New York Apprenticeship Programs FAQ

How can you qualify for an apprenticeship?

You can qualify for an apprenticeship by meeting the company’s requirements for your educational and professional history. Some apprenticeship programs will require you to be enrolled in a specific degree, and others will require that you have a certain amount of work experience. 

How does an apprenticeship differ from work-based training?

Apprenticeships are different from other work-based training because they are jobs that earn a salary. Apprenticeship programs also need to meet standards required by the US Department of Labor and other state agencies. Qualified apprentices often earn a credential upon successful completion of the program.

How many hours do you have to work in an apprenticeship in NYC?

You generally need to work 40 hours a week in an apprenticeship in NYC. This number will vary depending on the company you work for. Many apprenticeships for high school and college students require less time.

Which apprenticeship pays the most in NYC?

Programs offered by Google are some of the highest-paid apprenticeships in NYC. According to Glassdoor, Google software engineering apprentices make an average base salary of $133,954. However, which apprenticeship pays the most in NYC is difficult to determine with such a wide range of programs in different fields. 

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