1. By Listening

When meeting with, or talking to, a prospect for the first time about your home-based MLM business, the most important thing you can do is take the time to LISTEN to what they have to say AND find out as much about them as you can!

Many times, as MLM business owners, we make the mistake of doing all the talking. We believe that if we say enough or talk long enough, we can find the one thing that is going to get our MLM prospect to join us in our MLM business. That’s usually not what happens!

However, if we had taken a little less time talking and a little more time listening to what the person was saying, we probably could have easily figured out what the prospect needed to know in order for them to get started with us in our business.

2. By Asking Probing Questions

Every prospect has a Hot Button! It’s their hot button that is going to take someone from being a prospect to becoming a team member with you in your MLM business! It’s your job to ask enough questions and do enough listening so that you can get to those hot button issues! After all, if someone is willing to sit down and talk to you about a home based-business, they probably have some level of interest in working from home. (Ya think?) However, just because they are interested doesn’t mean you can talk them into joining you and your MLM business!

Maybe your prospect has been in another MLM business but felt they didn’t have enough upline support or leadership. Maybe they’ve always wanted to work from home but their spouse isn’t supportive. Or maybe they want to work from home but they have a high paying full-time job and they’re afraid they won’t have time to work their home-based business. All of these things are important and good to know and they will definitely affect the way you will tell your prospect about your opportunity!

In order to get to your prospect’s Hot Buttons you have to ask probing questions! You have to find out everything you can about who they are and what makes them tick if you want to have any chance at recruiting them into your business!

The Less You Talk…

…in the beginning, the better! Because if you can get them talking about themselves, it will be much easier for you to identify their hot buttons and it’s their Hot Buttons you need to identify in order to move your prospect closer to joining you in your business!

By asking questions and taking the time to find out more about your prospect you will almost certainly have more of your prospects join you and your MLM company and you’ll be making more money in your home-based business, after all, isn’t that what we’re all looking to do?

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Source by Dan Pressler

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